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    Yoga Class

    Every Sunday (except PH), 9am - 10am
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    Venue: The Sports Complex covered Terrace (opposite Poolside Cafe)

    Relax with Ms Krystle Koh as she teaches you yoga techniques to strengthen your body.

    Date & Time:

    • Every Sunday (except PH), 9am – 10am

    Venue: The Sports Complex covered Terrace (opposite Poolside Cafe)


    No of ParticipantsFee Structure
    2 pax$125 per pax per hour
    3 pax$84 per pax per hour
    4 pax$63 per pax per hour
    5 pax$50 per pax per hour
    6 pax$34 per pax per hour
    7 pax$33 per pax per hour
    8 – 10 pax$30 per pax per hour
    11 -15 pax$25 per pax per hour
    16 – 19 pax$22 per pax per hour
    20 pax and above$20 per pax per hour

    10 lessons per term

    Once a week

    1 hour per lesson

    *GST will apply to above fees.

    Register your interest now by filling and submitting the Register Your Interest form.

    Alternatively, you can contact the Sports Complex at 6592 0312 / 6592 0313 or email us at [email protected].

    Slots are limited so HURRY!

    Terms and Conditions

    *Participants are encouraged to bring their water bottle, insect repellent, personal yoga mat, an additional T-shirt.

    *Towels are available at our towel counter. Participants are welcomed to bring their personal towel.

    *Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    Register Your Interest!