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Justin Tang

Certified Junior Golf Coach

MG Purestrike Golf Academy, in Destin, Florida USA

Kinesiology and Biomechanics of Golf
(KMG – Level 4 certified in Spine Mechanics and Qualitative Biomechanics in Golf)

Certified Human Movement Specialist and Personal Trainer, Brookbush Institute 

Justin Tang has been trained extensively in The Golfing Machine and Mac O’Grady’s MORAD system since 2005.

He is a Brookbush Institute Human Movement Specialist and a Kelvin Miyahira Level 4 certified instructor in Spine Mechanics and Qualitative Biomechanics in Golf.

A specialist in junior golf development since 2005, he has a wealth of experience in teaching juniors. He is passionate about introducing the game to TMCC juniors, nurturing their technique and a life-long love for the game. Over the years, some of his juniors have gone on to compete at the collegiate and national levels.

Using the American Development Model, his holistic approach balances the mental, physical and technical aspects of the game to meet every TMCC junior’s unique needs.

He continues to seek out the brightest coaching minds in the USA and Australia to further refine his system which is based on anatomy and psychology for rapid improvement.

Contact Justin at:

Tel: 8188 1701
Email: [email protected]

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