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    Ladies' Zodiac Social

    16 August 2022
    Garden Course
    Club Event

    Ladies’ Zodiac Social
    (Average Stableford Format)


    Date: Tuesday, 16 August 2022 (PM)

    Course: Tampines

    Closing Date: Saturday, 6 August 2022 @ 5pm

    Format: Average Stableford (maximum course handicap of 36)
    (Please refer to Game Rules below for more info)

    Registration Closed

    Teams: Teams will comprise of players of the same Astrological Zodiac signs.
    Flights can comprise of plater across Zodiac Signs (ie. Players of different Zodiac signs can play in the same flight).

    Players’ scores will be calculated at 100% of their course handicap on a stableford basis. The scores of all the players of the same Zodiac signs will be added together and averaged out (ie total of all individual stableford scores in the team divided by the total number of players in that team that have teed off).
    The winning teams will be teams with the highest average stableford points.


    Note: Should players not submit their scores at the end of the game, their scores will be deemed as zero and counted towards the team’s score.


    Team Golfing Dress Code
    Please come dressed in your Zodiac colours as follows:

    Capricorn (Goat) 22 Dec to 19 Jan – Black & White

    Aquarius (Water Bearer): 20 Jan to 18 Feb – Pink & White

    Pisces (Fish): 19 Feb to 20 Mar – Blue

    Aries (Ram): 21 Mar to 19 Apr – Pink & Black

    Taurus (Bull): 20 Apr to 20 May – Red

    Gemini (Twins): 21 May to 21 June – Green

    Cancer (Crab): 22 June to 22 July – Orange

    Leo (Lion): 23 July to 22 Aug – Yellow

    Virgo (Virgin): 23 Aug to 22 Sep – Purple

    Libra (Balance): 23 Sep to 23 Oct – All White

    Scorpius (Scorpion): 24 Oct to 21 Nov – All Black

    Sagittarius (Archer): 22 Nov to 21 Dec – Grey


    Prizes will be given to the top teams and individual stableford players. Prize presentation will take place at Tampines Golfers’ Terrace after the game

    Fun Activity – Zodiac Hunt
    Spot and hunt down fellow Zodiac team members, take wefies and post them on our Ladies Zodiac Social WhatsApp Group Chat.

    Makan Kechil
    Food will be provided after the game at Tampines Golfers’ Terrace.

    Participation Fee: $15

    Terms & Conditions:

    • Admin fee of $10.70 will be charged for ALL cancellations received thereafter.
    • No-Show Fee is $267.50.
    • All prices are inclusive of 7% GST.