Corporate Social Responsibility


The culture and philosophy of sharing and contributing to society and community are pillars that have galvanised the Club and its members since its inception. Over the years, TMCC, through its members and club-organised events, has raised a total of $4.9 million for the less fortunate. Whether it be through corporate fund-raising events or one-off special charity projects, at least 108 charities have benefited from the graciousness and generosity of the members and supporters of the club.

Notably, TMCC staged a successful fund-raising golfing event initiated by Club Chairman Ng Kee Choe in support of the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics at the Singapore Management University, which raised $1.6 million in total and making it the most successful fund-raising effort by TMCC to date.

Club Chairman Ng Kee Choe, who is an equally avid proponent of corporate philanthropy, continues to ensure that TMCC continues the tradition of giving back to the community.