Pace of Play- Ready Golf
10 Jul, 2017

In further efforts to improve the pace of play, The Royal & Ancient will introduce Ready Golf at its 2017 amateur championships as part of its efforts to improve pace of play.

Ready Golf is featured in the R&A’s Pace of Play manual as a recommended solution for tackling slow play and enables golfers to play when they are ready to do so rather than strictly adhere to ‘the farthest from the hole plays first’ requirement.

The practice includes a number of actions that can help to improve the flow of golfers around the course and reduce the time taken by players to complete a round.

Some examples of play when ready covers the follows areas (but not limited to);

1. Hitting a tee shot if the person with the honour is delayed and not prepared to play
2. Playing a shot before helping someone look for a ball
3. Adopting continuous putting when possible

“Our research has shown that golfers would enjoy the sport more if it took less time to play and so we are introducing Ready Golf during the stroke play rounds at our amateur championships to help improve pace of play and the experience for the players and spectators.”

Members are encouraged to practise READY GOLF supporting a better pace of play and enjoyment for all golfers.