Obtaining An Official USGA Golf Handicap (2017 Schedule)
10 Jul, 2017

Members, their spouses and their children and Guests must have a valid official Golf Handicap or must be in possession of a Proficiency Certificate recognised by the Greens Committee before they can use the Golf Course.

Members with Official Golf Handicap are able to start golfing upon joining the Club. Please submit your Golf Handicap Certificate to the Club. Members without Official Handicap Index and wish to play golf may obtain their Golf Handicap by completing the following steps:

Step 1
Rules & Etiquette Session & Golf Skills Proficiency Assessment

2017 Schedule
1) Saturday, 19 August – Closing date: By 5 August
2) Saturday, 16 September – Closing date: By 2 September
3) Saturday, 21 October – Closing date: By 7 October
4) Saturday, 18 November – Closing date: By 4 November

CLASSROOM: 10:00am

Minimum 4 participants – Please register with Garden Golf office your preferred date before the closing date. (Garden Golf office at 6545 1731 / 6592 0343)

Step 2
“Courtesy Round”
(9-Hole On-Course Assessment)

A Member who has completed Step 1 and is ready to proceed to Step 2 to register with the Garden Golf office at 6545 1731 or 6592 0343 On completion of the Courtesy Round, the member will be able to play golf on Weekdays and evening 9-Holes.

After the member has submitted a minimum of 5 x 18-Hole Scorecards, the handicap system will generate an Official USGA Golf Handicap Index. With an Official Golf Handicap, the member will be able to play golf on Weekdays, Weekends and Public Holidays.

Note – Step 2 may be waived for Members who demonstrate exceptional Golf Proficiency during the PC assessment. Members are advised to be well prepared for PC assessment.