New Golf Teaching Professional at TMCC
08 Mar, 2017

A former national player who has won six Club Championships and the National Amateur Championship, Daren has a well-rounded understanding of the golf swing and also a mature grasp of bio-mechanics.

Belonging to a new generation of golf coaches who combine in-depth technical know-how with sensitivity to real issues such as time, physical ability and even temperament and nature, Daren offers more than just a methodology; he offers a listening ear and takes a holistic approach to improving the student’s game.

His focus is therefore to help golfers of all levels achieve their potential performance on any given day so as to elevate their enjoyment of the game, which then in turn make them better players, and hence, he believes that “if you enjoy golf more, you will play better; consequently, you will play better when you enjoy golf.”

Daren has been a member of TMCC since the age of 13 and understands the psyche of the club and its members.

Available from Monday-Sunday, he has invested in the latest technology such as Trackman 4 (dual radar technology) and Focusband (a tool that calms and reliefs the mind, used most notably by world number one, Jason Day) to augment his lessons”.

Daren can be contacted through phone (+65 96222845) or via email (