Increase In Administrative Fees For Overdue Accounts
26 May, 2016

The General Committee is concerned that the number of defaulters are significant and on an upward trend over the past 12 months. The number of Members who received a second reminder letter, which resulted in their Club privileges being withdrawn, are also generally on an upward trend. This has caused the Club additional unproductive administrative time and effort in monitoring these Members and sending reminders.

To stem this upward trend, the General Committee has deliberated and endorsed the following fee increments effective 1st of May 2016, as the current fees, which had not been increased for the past 24 years, have not been an effective deterrent.

REVISED administrative fee when 2nd reminders are sent

Fee will be increased from $10 to $50.

REVISED administrative fee when 3rd reminders are sent

Fee will be increased from $20 to $100.

Letter of Demand

If a letter of demand is sent, after more than three reminder letters are sent, the cost of the letter of demand shall be recoverable from the Member.

Members are advised to keep their account in credit and encouraged to sign up for GIRO payment for their convenience. GIRO forms are available on our website or at our reception counters.