Announcement on the Soft Opening of the Tampines Course
16 Apr, 2018

Members will be pleased to know that after waiting patiently for 15 months, the redeveloped Tampines course is now ready for a soft opening. Only the golf course will be available as the new clubhouse will only be operationally ready in a few more months. However, we feel that if members are willing to put up with some inconveniences, they can start playing at the new Tampines course from Monday, 30th April 2018. Only buggies will be used.

As members may recall, one of the main reasons to redevelop the Tampines course is the need to be self-sufficient in water for the irrigation of both the Tampines and Garden courses. Members can therefore expect to see six (6) large lakes. As they are 4 metres deep, golfers are not allowed to drive the buggies down the lake slopes or pick up balls from the lakes. Safety bollards and hedges have been planted to mitigate accidents and for any emergency, safety buoys have been strategically placed at the lake edge locations.

The key golf course design objectives include having a course that is fun to play for all levels of golfers, having a wide variety of holes from short to long (the direction of the prevailing wind determines the length and direction of the key holes), creating a memorable experience by designing each hole to have a charm and challenge of its own, parkland-style course with tree planting to allow golfers long views of key points on the course. There is also ample landing area for the option of conservative play although water is in play on 10 of the holes. Playing the new Tampines course will be a different experience, relative to the current Par 70 Garden course.

There are 5 types of tee boxes namely Black (HI of 9.9 and below), Blue (HI < 18), White (HI < 24: < 9.9 for ladies), Gold (< 36) and Red (< 40 for ladies). To enjoy the new Tampines course, members are advised to play from the appropriate tee box, matching their playing ability. (Members will notice that the new Tampines’ Gold/ 5,353m is longer than the Garden’s White/ 5,274m and Tampines’ White/ 6,008m is longer than the Garden’s Blue/ 5,600m).

As the final phase of the new clubhouse construction is ongoing, we seek members’ understanding on the following limitations:

  • Food and beverage
    Only limited drinks and pastry items will be available at the refurbished halfway house (next to the 7th green or when traveling from the 14th green to the 15th tee)
  • Toilet facilities
    Available at the halfway house and porta loos at the temporary bag drop/ collection area
  • No changing room facility (locker and shower)
    Members are advised to use the Garden course facility before and after the golf game at Tampines (likewise for meals and drinks)
  • Car parking lots
    Some 50 lots are initially available. Where possible, members are encouraged to car pool by leaving their cars at Garden
  • Inclement weather shelter options
    – Halfway house
    – Rain shelter @ Hole #3/#4/#5
    – Rain shelter @ Hole #11/#12/#13
    – Carpark / Buggy marquee
  • Clubhouse and construction area
    For safety and non-interference to the contractors’ work, members are to stay away from these areas. Vehicles are not permitted beyond the designated car park areas
  • Vehicle direction signs
    Please follow the signs as illustrated and give way to lorries
  • Care of the new fairways, greens and bunkers
    To protect the relatively young turf, buggies will be restricted to the car path until further notice. Please help to repair divots by filing with the sand, repairing ball marks on the greens and raking the bunker foot prints. The new course deserves your care and attention which will add to the enjoyment for all members
  • Members’ guests
    Members are advised to consider inviting guests only after the official opening of the Tampines course when all the clubhouse facilities are in operation for the guests to experience
  • Tee times available during the soft opening phase
    Morning Session : 8:00am – 10:00am (12 flights)
    Afternoon Session : 12:30pm – 2:30pm (12 flights)

Golf course maintenance days will revert to this schedule from May 2018 onwards:

  • Garden course – Tuesday (morning) and Thursday (morning)
  • Tampines course – Monday (full day) and Wednesday (morning)


Booking for play on Monday, 30th April is opened on Tuesday, 24th April.

Booking for Tuesday, 1st May (Public Holiday) and weekend of 5th & 6th May will be opened on Thursday, 26th April.

  • Minimum 3 players per flight
  • Booker to supply names of all players
  • 1-Ball may be matched into 3-ball flights at the discretion of Marshal/Starter
  • Members Only
  • Minimum 3 players per flight
  • Booker to supply names of all players
  • 1-Ball may be matched into 3-ball flights at the discretion of Marshal/Starter
  • Members Only
Booking Procedure
Open 7 days in advance from the date of play by phone (Garden Office), walk-in or online booking. Booking is limited to one flight per member.

*The booking sheet for Monday, 30th April will be open on the Tuesday, 24th April.

Booking Procedure
Open on Thursday for the following weekend and any public holidays that falls within that week. Booking by Ballot only.

Balloting Procedure
  • Submission of Ballot by member in person Thursday (7.00am till 6:00pm) at Garden Golf Office
  • If successfully balloted, your flight time will be allocated as near to your requested tee time and notified by phone accordingly
  • If unsuccessful, you may proceed with the Friday weekend golf booking at Garden course

Procedures & Conditions

  • Proxy balloting is not allowed
  • Provide names of all the players and membership numbers (minimum 3 names/ numbers)
  • Only the booker can register for the booking/balloting. Other players registered with the booker are not entitled to separately register for booking/balloting
  • After the allocation, if a change of player is required, one of the original entry names must remain in the flight
  • When the booker and registered players decide not to play, the flight must be released back to the golf office for re-allocation to members on the waitlist
  • All bookings will be checked for duplicated entries of players and managed accordingly
  • Members may wish to be placed on the waiting list if unsuccessful with the booking/balloting

The Club Rule requires at least 2 days of notice (by phone) for any cancellation, failing which a late cancellation fee of $250 will be charged to the booker’s account.

Weekend bookings for the month of May 2018 only
(high demand is anticipated)

To give all members the chance to play the new Tampines course at least once on a weekend, members are to elect to play either on a Saturday or Sunday (morning or afternoon session).

Bookers are to indicate on the ballot form their wish to be considered for the next Saturday/ Sunday booking session if unsuccessful for the applied weekend. The interested members will be allocated a flight. Priority will be given to the unsuccessful bookers who have not played a weekend game.

If spare weekend flights are still available after the priority allocation, they will be opened for general balloting.

For all bookings and golf enquiries, please call the Garden Office: 6592 0343 or 6545 1731

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