Sports Programmes


Whether it’s to learn water safety, train for competitive swimming or for recreation, the Splash Swim Club’s swimming programme has something for everyone. Our Professional Coaching Programmes have been designed to develop children’s swimming abilities to their fullest, and are fully endorsed by the Singapore Sports Council’s Sports Education Programme.

Swimming lessons catering to both adults and children are available for groups or individuals. They are tailor-made to teach anyone from absolute beginners to advanced swimmers. Parents can be assured that the classes will be monitored by our professional coaches.

Children as young as 2 years old can take part in this training programme. Its structured format allows your child to learn how to swim under the guidance of experienced coaches, and pick up the fundamentals of stroke development all the way to mastering all four swimming styles at advanced levels. A certificate will be presented to each student on his or her completing each level of training.

The sequence of the Aquatics Programme under the Splash Swim Club is as follows:

Teddy Bear Series
Teddy Bear 1
Teddy Bear 2
Teddy Bear 3
For ages 2 to 4 years old. Beginner classes through games, water, awareness and confidence building and forward propulsion.
Frog Series
Frog 1
Frog 2
Frog 3
For ages 5 and above, children will have their water confidence built up and will pick up proper breaststrokes and freestyle strokes.
Fish Series
Flying Fish
Killer Whale
For advanced swimmers. Backstroke, butterfly stroke, performing breaststroke, front crawl and medley at racing speed at a specific time, including plunging, flip turns and sprinting will be taught.
SwimSafer Bronze
SwimSafer Silver
SwimSafer Gold
Basic survival skills such as entry to the pool, water treading, surface dives, drown proofing, lifesaving backstroke, side stroke, endurance and speed swimming will be taught.
Adult Class Adult classes are personal and self-paced. Classes meet the individual needs of every adult ranging from those who have a life-long fear of water, to those wanting to perfect their strokes. (There are no certificates for this level).


  • Days : Weekday and weekend lessons are available.
  • Fees : Will be charged based on the number of weeks for the particular month.
    $45.00* (4 lessons per month)
    $56.25* (5 lessons per month)
  • Class size : Minimum 4; Maximum 8.
  • All tests will be conducted on a quarterly basis (March, June, September & December).
  • Certificate will be awarded upon completion of each level.
  • Note: In the event of inclement weather, dry land training will be conducted and there will be no replacement lesson.

For enquiries: Call 6592 0313 / 6592 0312

*Fees subject to GST


  • Open to members only.
  • Personal training available.
Personal Training Fees
1 session $50.00
5 sessions $225.00
10 sessions $400.00

* Fee exclude prevailing GST

Personal Training Profile
Name Bharatt Lamsal
Experience 14 years
Basic Exercise Course Singapore Sports Council (SSC)
Group Exercise Leader American College of Sports and Medicine (ACSM)
Fitness Instructor Course Singapore Sports Council (SSC)
Certified Personal Trainer Course Singapore Sports Council (SSC)

For enquiries: Call 6592 0313 / 6592 0312


  • Open to members and guest.
  • Our tennis programmes cater to beginners and right up to advanced players.
  • Lessons are available in groups and individual sessions for both adults and children.
Personal Training Profile
Name Sjaiful Sjahrin
Experience 23 years
Etcheberry Fitness Certification Level 1 Coach’s Certificate
Sjaiful has guided numerous recognised primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to National Champion status. Sjaiful has been actively involved with major tennis events held in Singapore like the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), Singapore Open ATP Challenger and a few exhibition matches.
Monthly Group Lesson $64.20*
Private Lesson (1pax) $64.20*
(2pax) $74.90*
(3pax) $85.60*
Tennis Club Night
When Last Thursday of every month
Where TMCC Tennis Courts
Time 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Fee Free (Early registration appreciated)

For enquiries: Call 6592 0313 / 6592 0312

*Fees subject to GST


  • Open to members only.
  • Individual private squash lessons are available for both adults and children.

For enquiries: Call 6592 0313 / 6592 0312