F&B Promotions
September & October 2018

Garden View Restaurant

Chef's Recommendation




Braised Duck Served With Egg Toufu



Crispy Cod Fish Cubes with Salt & Pepper



Pan Fried Pork Belly Marinated with Wine & Pepper



Braised Lobster’s Tail Mee Pok

Garden Golfers’ Terrace

Weekend Specials – September/October 2018


Sat, 22 & Sun, 23 Sep 18

Seafood Crispy Noodle with Garlic Black Bean Sauce
(prawn, mussel, scallop carrot & kai lan)

Stewed Pork Belly with Tau Kee & Egg in Claypot
(with mushroom, broccoli served with steamed rice & chicken broth)

Sat, 29 & Sun, 30 Sep 18

Stewed Herbal Chicken with Mee Kia
(kai lan & mushroom served with chicken broth)

Fried Fish in Double Boiled Milk Broth in Claypot
(with yam, wolfberries & carrot served with steamed rice)

Sat, 6 & Sun, 7 Oct 18

Stir Fried Chicken with Thai Basil & Chilli in Claypot
(served with steamed rice & vegetable soup)

Minced Pork Noodle with Prawn (gravy)
(mushroom & crispy prawn dumpling served with chicken broth)

Sat, 13 & Sun, 14 Oct 18

Thai Set
(pineapple rice with red curry duck & thai fish cake)

Mee Sua Soup with Pig’s Kidney, Liver, Pork Belly & Poached Egg

Sat, 20 & Sun, 21 Oct 18

Braised Claypot Seafood Tofu & Roasted Pork Belly
(scallop, prawn, mussel, broccoli & yam served with steamed rice)

Double Boiled Hainanese Beef Noodle
(sliced beef, beef ball, tripe, tendon, salted vegetable & bean sprout )

Sat, 27 & Sun, 28 Oct 18

Roasted Char Siew Chicken Drumstick Set
(pickles, fried egg & emping cracker served with steamed rice)

Kway Chap Set
(braised pork belly, intestine, tau pok, egg, pig’s skin & fish cake)

Oktober Fest 2018